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5 Reasons for hiring a Virtual Assistant.

5 reasons to hire a virtual assistant

So, what are 5 reasons to hire a virtual assistant? - Well, we are going to go over them but there are far more than 5 reasons and it was really hard to hammer down to just 5! - but here goes.

#1 - Maximise your productivity

You're probably thinking to yourself that this can't be right, but I can assure you, it is. If you hire a virtual assistant, it will give you the ability to focus on other tasks that are more determental such as bringing in more business! meaning, you can give your VA all the other tasks such as admin, calander management and etc... meaning, that you are more productive at work for your business!

Us VA's will ensure that the back-end of your business (and sometimes front end) runs as smooth as possible.

#2 - More Affordable, saving you £££

I can already hear everyone telling me "Lies, lies lies, it's expensive!" when in actual fact, it is not - it's cheaper!

Think of it this way, if you hire someone into your company, you have to pay them holiday, sickness, PAYE, downtime, and some recruitment costs (if applicable) but, if you hire a VA you don't have to worry about any of those costs as many VA's are self-employed/ work on a freelance basis.

You pay for what you get, if you pay for an hour, you get the full hour - now hows that for saving ££.

#3 - Easy to scale hours up or down

As previously mentioned, VA's work on a self-employed basis, which means if you need to then you can change their hours. We understand that businesses have their peaks and downtime, so if you need to cut costs then speak to your VA to work out a schedule - just give them plenty of notice.

#4 - Better work/ life balance

You would not believe this one. Think of it this way, you have been planning to book a holiday for months but work has been super busy so you havent been able to. If you have a VA, or a utilising your VA then they can do it, it's true! - so now you know, ask your VA to book that awesome holiday you have been thinking about and let your VA handle the rest.

#5 - Learn from them!

Virtual Assistants have worked with a number of different clients in all different backgrounds and we all have different skillsets. It goes without saying that they may well do something different to what you have seen before, but it works! - if you want to learn, ask them - I am sure they would love to help!

Blog Author: Jamie Gargrave

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